Simone Duiker is the maker behind Atelier Geluck. She runs Atelier Geluck from her home studio in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

About the work

All pieces are made with a stoneware clay fired at a high temperature to ensure durability and glazed with food safe glazes. The pieces are dishwasher safe but hand washing is encouraged. To make sure your ceramic pieces live a long and happy life, we don't recommend you put our ceramic items in the oven or microwave.

About the name

The word ‘geluck’ is an old fashioned way of writing the Dutch word ‘geluk’, meaning happiness. This atelier is all about the pursuit of happiness. "When I discovered ceramics, I found something that I could do for hours and hours on end – and instead of getting tired I just got more and more inspired and driven to improve my skills, experiment and create beautiful things. Hopefully, my ceramics bring you as much joy as it brings me".